Here we describe the design and API of the ekomark package. The specific purpose of this package is to contain all the utils to benchmark efficiently eko. The underlying infrastructure is coming from sqlite3 and git-lfs and it is implemented in the package banana.

Among the external programs only APFEL provides a python wrapper, while Pegasus bindings are available in: N3PDF/external. No external program are needed to run the LHA benchmarks.

Ekomark is composed by four subpackages:

  • benchmark containing the runner, implementing the interface with the abstract class provided inside banana and the external utils that initialize and evolute the PDFs using the external programs.

  • data which includes the module to generate eko like operators cards and the module providing the operators database layout.

  • navigator implementing the ekonavigator app.

  • plot containing all the scripts to produce the output plots.

The banana configuration is loaded from banana/cfg.py file. To run Ekomark see the section of the available runners. Furthermore Ekomark provides also a python interpreter called ekonavigator to inspect the cached benchmark results.